The Global Launch of the US Water Partnership! I have had the honor of working on some of the design surrounding the event.


Click for more Information and to watch LIVE!

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A terrific short video about the hope and opportunity of African continent.

 A great snapshot of the Coke’s perspective on the continent!

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(via arrangealign)

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Clever! Although I’ve noticed a lot of these types of ads wouldn’t explain themselves to a lot of people. They either would have to look at it for a while (which I feel great advertising needs to take a few seconds to be understood) OR read the teeny tiny small print down the bottom “Don’t coffee-block your smile”. Then you have the image of teeth whitening gum, the product.
Making that line bigger would increase the amount of people who go “AH! CLEVER!” but oh well, I still <3 these neat ideas!

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Old Time Mother’s (by belovedsbelle) A video we made for my mom for mother’s day

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CreateAthon (Taken with instagram)

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HopeNet: Because none of our neighbors should go hungry.

April 2012  //  Adobe Illustrator CS5

Read more about HopeNet here:

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I believe that what could make CreateAthon even better would be a more involved team. Informing potential volunteers more about the event and the workings of the event will make them more interested and more willing to be involved for more than just the 24 hours. Assigning teams earlier on and communicating with them weeks before that event will help draw them in and ready them for the big day. Spreading the CreateAthon excitement to the teams would make the work have greater impact. 

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